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Being proactive

People often ask me “how do I stop my dog from jumping up/barking at the window/counter surfing?” Instead of thinking about how to stop a behaviour AFTER it’s happened, it’s so much more effective to be proactive and try to PREVENT basic behaviours like these.

There are many parallels between having a dog and having a small child in the house. We don’t ask “how do I stop my child from playing with knives?” - we simply lock dangerous items out of sight. We don’t ask “how do I stop my child from wandering into the street?” - we lock the door and keep an eye on them. It’s exactly the same with dogs - if you don’t want them to do something, your first port of call is restricting their access to it.

So if your dog is barking at the window all day, try making simple environmental changes like moving furniture they can use to climb on, putting up window film or using a noise blocker. If your dog counter surfs, don’t leave food lying around, and if they chew your shoes just pop them away in the cupboard. It takes very little effort and can make a huge difference.

Let me know if this is something you’d like help with 🐾

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