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My young rescue dog lacked any kind of manners at home. We can already see a change in him. He is now a much calmer and well mannered boy.


The help and advice you gave us really made such a difference and was much appreciated. I would 100% recommend.



It can feel like you will never make any progress sometimes when you have a dog who is a sensitive as Clover - there is hope if you get the right trainer to help you and the right techniques.


We are so pleased and my husband is fully on board as he can see the instant difference it’s making. Thanks again - you just so understand Clover in a way no other trainer has.



Hayley is amazing! Hazel came to us at about 6 months old, very nervous and too scared to go out for walks. With Hayley's abundant advice and reassurance, Hazel gained the confidence to go out and make lots of human and doggie friends. We are forever grateful to Hayley!



Just wanted to thank you for the cat advice. It worked out great and Kenzo is now brilliant with both of my moggies. Hopefully that's another thing in his favour on his search for a forever family.



This has been the best training session I have had by far. My dog's behaviour has changed almost overnight and I can't believe the improvement!



Hayley listened to everything I was concerned about and how we could best adapt Faith to the changes happening in our family. All ideas were practical to follow and a clear plan on how to action this was made and very easy for me and my husband to follow. Hayley had excellent communication. We will definitely be returning for more support after we move. Thank you.



I first contacted Hayley about my foster dog Rodney when I saw her post about cat chasing. I found a virtual consultation with Hayley to be very helpful as I could work with Rodney in an area he is used to with minimal distractions.


Hayley could also see how Rodney reacted to the cats in the house and the set up of our house to give us some advice on how best to deal with him - which was the whole point of our session!


Thanks to Hayley's advice and training plan, Rodney is much better behaved around the cats and the cats are so much calmer around Rodney. So much so he is now a failed foster - we're keeping him!



If it wasn’t for Hayley’s encouraging and empathetic words we wouldn’t have our special Romanian rescue dog Ally now. We were close to giving up on Ally but with Hayley’s expert advice she got us through the difficult start of the settling in and making sure we dealt with Ally’s behaviour properly. We are so thankful we had that voice of reason and help from an experienced rescue dog lover. Thank you Hayley.



Hayley has been brilliant, teaching us ways to start to help Sunnie. It's a slow process especially with a stubborn dog, but I'm sure we will get there.



I reached out to Hayley after our rescue pup was showing some concerning behaviours. The biggest was that he had reacted aggressively towards a visiting family member. With a young son in the house and an older daughter I was very worried and stressed. Gibbs also had the usual puppy issues along with being extremely nervous.


Hayley listened to everything I had to say and didn't judge on our mistakes we had made. She gave us some good advice and some tips and tricks to try. The aim was to try and tackle one or two small things at a time and worry about the rest at a later date. This worked!! We took everything very slowly and took her advice. 

I can now say that Gibbs is far from perfect but the change in him over just a couple of weeks has been massive!! I was ready for giving up and there were many tears but now we wouldn't be without him. I would happily recommend Hayley to a friend and have nothing but good things to say about her. Very friendly and helpful.  


Penny & Rhuaridh

I rescued two Romanian dogs. Hayley was not only exceptionally knowledgeable about dog behaviour but humans too! I was stressed because of illness and found her to be compassionate and caring. Calm owner = calm dogs. Thank you, Hayley.



Speaking to Hayley was incredibly reassuring and helped to put into context some of the challenges I was finding with Paddy when we were out in public or meeting people. It really helped me to understand why he might be reacting the way he does under certain conditions. It felt like it maybe took some pressure off both Paddy and I and gave us permission to move a bit slower and put to the side my ideas about what he ‘should’ be doing. I felt she really got the issues at play through asking the right questions. She clearly explained the possible reasons for how Paddy is in certain situations and gave implementable advice for supporting him to become more resilient and able to manage those situations. The behaviour plan was very clear and personalised and I have been noticing improvements on the specific tasks but also generally, that Paddy is barking less in situations which previously caused him high stress. I’m particularly grateful Hayley does this work online. Hayley’s approach is non-judgemental, kind, interested and curious and she is highly experienced with dogs like Paddy whose start in life has maybe not been the smoothest. I’m very grateful for her help.



I have had help from 2 other dog behaviourists since my Romanian rescue joined me nearly 2 years ago.  Whilst they were both helpful in different ways, I felt that Hayley immediately understood why my dog was behaving the way she did, but perhaps more importantly,  I now understand what is going on in her mind, so hopefully we can all now move forward confidently and peacefully!



Hayley has really transformed my little dog Indie. We have had real problems with her toilet training since arriving from Romania and now she is like a different dog.



Extremely happy with the advice and guidance we have been given. Hayley
totally understands our Romanian rescue, is very knowledgeable, knowing
what works, and what is achievable, working with my dogs' characteristics.
Both of my dogs are now much more settled, we have new games and
activities to keep as all occupied, and plans in place to manage tricky
behaviours. Thank you.



Hayley has a lovely demeanour and is a great listener. She's very knowledgeable and gave us great ideas and follow-up support. Tish is doing much better now! Would definitely recommend to a friend.



I really felt like Hayley took the time to get to know Daphne to recommend on how best to proceed. She prompts the right questions to get to the root of the behavioural issue and provides clear and actionable next steps.

I really felt like she knows her stuff and the few simple things she recommended helped Daphne completely!



Hayley has been great support in helping us understand little Scout who was returned to his foster home after a failed adoption. 

We received a full initial assessment which helped us understand Scout's needs before finding him a forever home. Being able to receive support from someone like Hayley who understands Romanian dogs makes a huge difference. Thank you for your precious help.



Before Hayley, we were close to giving up and giving our new rescue dog back. He's intensely reactive to any noise or movement in the house and was super demanding for attention. He's had 3 previous owners! After a couple of weeks and a visit from Hayley, he's much calmer, listens to us most of the time, and is a wee darlin. We're still getting to know each other and now it's fun and training is part of our life. Without Hayley's incredible knowledge, patience and experience, we might have ended up apart; she saved our life together.


Macey May

I love the online clicker course! Easy to follow and understand, and the videos are an added bonus.



I reached out to Hayley again because Rhuaridh was being reactive. He would lunge at cyclists, joggers and other dogs. Walking him was becoming a nightmare and something I dreaded.

So, I met Hayley yesterday and what a difference! Just by being educated about dogs' behaviour and shown techniques how to counter the reactiveness took a lot of pressure of me. Before I met Hayley today, I was tense walking him and poor Rhuaridh was getting tense because of this. Rhuaridh and I left  happy and I feel more positive that he’s going to have a happy future. 

Hayley is so kind and reassuring to not only Rhuaridh but to me and I look forward to continuing  working with her. Next step - recall! 

I can't recommend Hayley highly enough for all stressed out owners and dogs!



Thank you for your help. Your knowledge of rescue dogs was really reassuring. I felt able to ask questions even when my questions felt basic as I am a novice at having a dog. You were warm and supportive. I felt listened to.



I thought that Mollie was being aggressive but she was just insecure. I would never have thought of that, and I would also not have been able to work out how to deal with the problem effectively. Hayley’s suggestions were easy to follow and they worked after about 5 days. Thank you, Hayley!



After the sudden passing of our older dog, Cassie developed separation anxiety issues, she has never been a lone dog, so to find herself without canine companionship was obviously difficult for her.

Thankfully, Hayley was generous with both her time, and her advice, during our initial consultation, and then again in our first session. Knowing that she has first hand experience of Romanian rescue dogs, is also a huge comfort!

Even though we're only in the early stages of helping Cassie to know everything is going to be okay, we can already see huge improvements, and we are now better equipped to assist Cassie during this tough transition.

We may have a long road ahead, but with Hayley's help, we know we have all the support we could possibly need.



It was so nice to be listened to and talk to someone who really understands Bonzo’s needs and appreciated how it is stressful for us as a family. I was not made to feel like there is nothing that can be done as so many other trainers told me.



We’re thankful to Positive Direction/Hayley for the behaviour package we’ve worked on for the last few months. As a result, we can now enjoy summer evening walks in our local area with our happy, confident, adventurous dog Harry. We even have a list of new dog and human friends we have met along the way! Before Hayley, we could not get over the threshold of our front door.

In the home we are all far more relaxed and Harry is increasingly playful and sassy! We have loved seeing her personality shine as a result of the games and activities Hayley taught us.

We would recommend the behaviour package to anyone looking for a bit of support and a steer in the right (or should I say Positive) direction! It’s worth it.



Hayley listened to our input and this is reflected in the proposed plan. Very relaxed and friendly whilst being professional. We would particularly recommend Hayley for Romanian rescues as she is empathetic and understanding of the issues.



We thoroughly enjoyed our first session yesterday and got a lot out of it. We are well into our journey with Ruby and felt we could use a fresh pair of eyes, and our hopes in this regard were well and truly met. We have already learned new techniques and are incorporating them into Ruby’s routine.



Hayley explained things very clearly and very definitely knew her job. I was attracted to her web site precisely because she seemed very knowledgeable
about rescue dogs.
I want my dog to have the best possible chance of a really happy, confident life.

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