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Blind date 💕

Today I wanted to show you that reactive dogs CAN make new friends.

I recently did some work with Scully (right) who was struggling with dog reactivity following the loss of her canine best friend and ‘anchor’. It was a really sad time for all the family, and Scully in particular was finding the loss very difficult.

After several sessions I felt like I understood Scully pretty well, and together, her mum and I decided that she’d benefit from some carefully selected new friends. In stepped Dave - another Romanian rescue - the friendliest and most positive chap you’re likely to meet! I met Dave in Romania, and knew that he could bring Scully out of her shell while helping her to feel safe. Dave lives not too far from Scully, and so I (AKA Cilla Black) decided to set them up on a blind date.

And their first meeting went really well! No kisses yet (Scully is a lady after all), but they were very comfortable around each other and a great walk was had by all. A second date is planned over the festive break 💕

Well done to Scully and her knight in shining armour, Dave 🐾

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