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Crate training

Crate training is a bit of a Marmite issue. Some people swear by it and some see crates as ‘cages’ and don’t like them at all.

I think a lot of the negative feelings about crates are due to how they look, but also that they’re often used incorrectly. A crate should be a den, a safe space - and NEVER used for punishment or isolation. And of course some dogs just don’t like crates, and that’s ok too - we need to look at every individual case.

Roxy (A.K.A Swifty) struggles with some guarding and over-arousal issues at home - this means that she often gets herself into a pickle and it’s her poor brother Scooby who bears the brunt. It’s also really hard for the family to invite people over as Roxy guards space and doesn’t know where to put herself or what to do when she feels stressed.

But now, she has her own cosy den - a palace fit for the princess she is! Her favourite bed, toys and a blanket that smells like mum are all there and she’s taken to it right away. She is choosing to spend time there already and is taking herself away to rest and relax at stressy times. And the door is OPEN. No restraint or forced compliance here whatsoever. It’s Roxy’s choice.

Done correctly, crate training is meant to benefit the dog by helping them feel safe and removing the pressure to guard a larger area. When Roxy is in her crate, she can switch off.

Sweet dreams Swifty! 😄💖

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