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Do you talk to your dog?

Like most people, I can often be heard saying “good boy” and “good girl” to my dogs, and to other peoples’ dogs! It’s such a natural thing to say, it just slips off the tongue, but only recently did I stop to think about why I say it…

When it comes to our dogs, it’s easy to focus on wanting them to be ‘good’ - which for many is a synonym for ‘well behaved’, ‘biddable’ or even ‘quiet.’ Being ‘good’ might come in the form of walking to heel, coming back quickly when called, or doing a special trick when asked. All of these things are grand, and of course we should thank or reward our dogs when they do the things we ask of them! It’s only polite 😆

But don’t forget to tell your dog that they’re ‘good’ at other times too. Reward the little things. Spending some time calmly sniffing in the grass, enjoying a nice run, relaxing in their bed with a chew. Just being themselves and expressing normal canine behaviour. I love it when I see my dogs doing dog things!

Even if your dog isn’t doing anything ‘special’, they still like to hear how well they’re doing. It can give them a real boost to their self esteem and confidence, and talking to your dog is a great way to bond with them.

So don’t wait until they do something you’ve asked of them. Tell your dog that they’re GOOD every day, and for any reason you can think of 🐾❤️

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