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How we train is so important

We all have a choice when it comes to the training methods we use. We need to think carefully about the choices we make and the consequences our actions might have.

Yes, your dog might stop barking for a minute if you spray them with water.

Yes, they might jump down off the furniture if you smack them on the bottom.

And yes, your dog might even lie down quietly in the corner when you have visitors if you put an e-collar on them!

But none of these things actually work to change behaviour, and it’s likely that your dog will continue to bark/jump up on the sofa/react to strangers when you aren’t actively punishing them. And of course there’s also the risk of redirected aggression when we use force and violence (because that’s what it is - violence.)

However most importantly, using these methods will damage your relationship - they all require your dog to be frightened of you.

So you might find that your dog doesn’t greet you at the door quite as enthusiastically when you come home from work. Maybe they no longer want to lie at your feet in the evening, or maybe they even shy away when you try to stroke them. You might find that the next time you’re celebrating something and shout with happiness, your dog runs away and hides, unsure of what raised voices mean for them.

Did you get a dog because you wanted them to fear you? Do you really want to live like that?

There is a better way. Be kind 🐾

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