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Everyone has their own set of opinions, which are influenced by their own experiences and biases. When it comes to training our dogs, you might have heard the following things:

Your dog barks too much!

Your dog is too energetic!

Your dog should be walking off lead!

Your dog is antisocial!

Your dog isn’t behaving as they should.

The opinions of others can get us down if we take them too much to heart. We all have things that are more or less important to us - I for example don’t mind my dog barking to alert me to delivery drivers or rolling in fox poop, but I know it drives some people mad! It’s about acknowledging our own priorities and what we want life with our dogs to look like.

Only YOU know what’s best for your dog, and for yourself and your family.

I’m here to help you understand how to support your dog according to their needs and yours - no one else’s 🐾

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