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Self belief

So many of my clients come to me with low confidence - not in their dogs but in themselves. Many people tell me they’ve lost confidence in their own ability to support and train their dogs, and often feel that behaviour issues are their own fault or have been made worse by their perceived shortcomings.

I’ve heard it said “there are no bad dogs, only bad people” - I understand the sentiment but don’t really like this. Yes, there are people out there who harm and abuse dogs, but the majority of dog owners I encounter are well-intentioned but struggling because they don’t have the answers. Not everyone with a ‘problem’ dog is part of the problem.

Which is all to say… STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELVES, people!

Part of what I love about helping dogs is helping their people. I think it’s crucial to help people build self confidence, draw on their own natural resources (we all have them - honestly!) and believing in themselves so they can be the best dog owners possible.

It’s like that old adage - put your own mask on first - you can’t help others before you help yourself! 🐾

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