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Don’t take for granted what you have today - it might be gone tomorrow.

If you have a dog that barks at everything, chews the skirting boards or hates being left alone, it can be really hard, and this inevitably takes an emotional toll. Being a dog lover isn’t always easy. People tell me all the time about the things they’d like to change about their dogs, but I always begin by helping them think about the relationship, not the ‘problem.’

You might wish that your dog would stop barking, stop being destructive, or that you could have just one day without having to use your time and energy supporting and working with them. If your dog is reactive, you might identify with this - being hyper vigilant and worrying about the potential consequences of reactive behaviour can be physically and mentally exhausting. It’s a very understandable and a normal human response to feel as though things would be better if all your worries just went away.

But consider the alternative. Look into the future. How will you feel when one day, the doorbell rings and no one barks? When you come home from work to find your slippers intact but no one jumping up to greet you? When you don’t have to head out and get soaked on a rainy day while your dog chooses the perfect place to poop? When you no longer need to carefully plan your walking route to help them avoid their triggers?

Dogs might be in just a small part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole lives. Yes, life with a challenging dog can be tough - I won’t deny that. But without exception, my clients love their dogs and want what’s best for them - if they didn’t, I believe they wouldn’t come to me in the first place. Love is what drives the desire for change, and love is unconditional.

Your friend won’t be with you forever - treasure them while you can. One day, you’ll wish your life was just a little bit noisier, smellier and hairier. Love can be messy, but it makes our lives whole ♥️

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