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The importance of language

The language we use shapes the way we think. It’s so important to think about the words we apply to our dogs, and why they might be less than helpful.

PUNISHMENT is not a tool for learning, but a way to break trust and instil fear.

There are no BAD dogs, only dogs that are scared, frustrated or confused. Instead of thinking of our dogs as NAUGHTY, DEFIANT or AGGRESSIVE, we should try to understand what motivates their behaviour and what they’re trying to tell us.

If our dogs appear STUBBORN, we need to rethink our communication and the motivation we’re offering them.

Our dogs aren’t attempting to DOMINATE us. They just aren’t. Dogs don’t have an evil master plan, and are likely expressing a need rather than a desire to be the ALPHA.

I don’t need my dog to OBEY me. I’m not a dictator. Instead I seek co-operation from my dog, to meet both his needs and mine.

And finally, I am not my dog’s MASTER. I am his friend, his companion, his protector, his guide. We learn from each other every day! It’s a much nicer way to live 🐾

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