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Tips for keeping your dog safe this Halloween

Halloween can be a strange time of year for our dogs. If we celebrate, it can mean lots of different sights, sounds and smells around the house. Even if we don't mark the occasion, there are other people wearing costumes and of course Trick-or-Treaters to consider.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Try to walk your dog before dark. If you absolutely can't, think of other ways to offer physical and mental stimulation in the safety of your home. This could be with puzzles, enrichment activities or training.

  2. Your doorbell might ring more than usual on Halloween night, so plan ahead. Provide lots of things to keep your dog calm and occupied throughout the evening. Separate them from the entrance to your home if you can.

  3. You might not want your dog going to greet people at the door as the trick or treaters are likely to be people (children) you don't know. Even if your dog does know the child, children dressed up in costumes might look very different.

  4. If your dog is really worried by people and may not cope with strangers coming to the door, you could leave a box of sweets in the front garden for children, and put a note on your front door advising people not to knock or ring the doorbell.

  5. Make sure your dog has a safe, comfy space to go to if they are worried.

  6. Be kind and gentle with your dog. This time of year can be scary and confusing, and if they're not coping, try to see things through their eyes instead of feeling frustrated or annoyed.

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