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Give me space!

I’m not a hugger. I don’t seek out physical affection from people I don’t know very well, and if I’m honest, social distancing wasn’t too big of a stretch for me 😂

That’s why I completely empathise with dogs that don’t enjoy being touched, petted or cuddled by total strangers.

Many dogs - even friendly ones without any behavioural issues to speak of - avoid this. Physical proximity and contact is a big deal for most animals, and I’ll never understand why some people think it’s ok to approach a dog they don’t know and insist on trying to touch them.

It’s ok to advocate for your dog if people are pushing boundaries - your dog doesn’t need to be touched by anyone but you.

To avoid the need for any expletives, why not try one of these snazzy coats, modelled beautifully by our Clover? ❤️

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