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Training is a lifelong process

Even adult dogs who have mastered the basics as puppies can benefit from ongoing training. The learning process never ends for us or for our dogs!

Dylan is good at lots of things, and he’s overcome many of his fears and issues over the years. But he really struggles with fireworks after a scary experience (someone letting some off right beside us during a 4pm walk). We had to start again from scratch to help him recover, gently building his confidence back up over time.

Today he’s much better, and with some management and gentle understanding, we are able to get him through the winter months without too much upheaval. But we always have to be aware that another fright could set him back, and that’s ok. We’ll be there. Life is a journey and we’re in no rush.

If your dog needs help with fears or phobias, don’t worry. I can help 🐾

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